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Green Memorials

Green memorials are a simple, inexpensive way to farewell a loved one and allow them to become one with the earth, just as nature has always intended.
Set in a peaceful bush setting, adjacent to majestic native trees, bush rocks and natural dams, our green memorial area is a beautiful place where your loved one's ashes may be laid to rest to become reunited with the earth. Depending on the wishes of your loved one, the ashes may be placed inside a fully biodegradable urn before being buried or carefully laid beneath the soil. Either way, nature will take over from that moment forward. Once the ashes have been buried, the site may be marked with a simple, natural plaque or alternatively, a GPS locator may be used to readily find the exact spot where your loved one's ashes have been placed.

The green memorial area will remain undisturbed and as natural as possible with the exception of a well-maintained pathway to allow for easy access to the site for reflection and remembrance. For further information on this special service please phone one our Memorial consultants on (02) 4362 1203.

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