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Losing a child doesn’t mean you lose the memory of their beautiful little soul. It’s important to have a special place to grieve and reflect, a permanent place of remembrance.

Now, there is such a place. The Nursery at Western Districts Memorial Park has been especially designed to celebrate the lives of children taken too soon. Incorporating a Baby Burial area, Memorial Gardens and Butterfly Memorials, these beautifully landscaped gardens commemorate lives of innocence and provide a place for families to unite.

Our Butterfly Memorials have been crafted to remember babies lost during pregnancy or birth, the colourful motifs a fitting home for little lives cut so short. This area can also be used for babies lost in decades gone past, and is a perfect way of remembering those babies from previous generations before memorialisation was possible.

Call our friendly Memorials Representative at: Western Districts Memorial Park on 6885 3340. For further information view our helpful videos online at:

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